10 Important Tips for Nepal Travelers

nepal travel tips

Nepal is ever-welcoming when it comes to accepting visitors in the country. Even if you are a domestic traveler, the exotic places, food, and people will make you feel like you’ve ventured off to a distant heaven because of diverse culture among places and this is exactly what makes Nepal a perfect travel destination for both international and domestic travelers.

Before you pack your bag and run off to the unknown, few considerations can help you make your tour relatively smoother.

1. Plan the trip

Plan the trip and go through it again. Compare the prices and services offered by different providers, check if the festivals fall in between, decide your route and do your research. It is very easy to get lost in Nepal, in routes and your experience as a whole.

2. Do not travel alone

Nepal isn’t that safe of a place both of international and domestic travelers. Many travelers have disappeared and even gone through the worst in the recent times. Robbers and frauds are present everywhere and you are vulnerable if you are traveling alone. Find a group before heading off: social media provides a great platform to connect with other travelers going to the same places. Package tours are also popular these days when it comes to taking a travel guide with you or even finding a group of people.

3. Know your language

In the remote areas of the country, people do not speak English. If you are an international traveler, make sure you go with somebody who speaks Nepali or a local language or you can take some form of translation with you. It is better to go with a Nepali speaking person because when it comes to Nepali language, messages are easy to get lost in translation.

4. Carry your electricity with you

There are places in Nepal where you might not get electricity overnight, or even a day or two. Also, you might be visiting places with no electricity at all. It is wise to carry two to three power banks with you if you need to use your smartphone or any devices.

5. Take precautions for high altitude

If you are traveling to a high altitude, carry some preventive medicines with you. You might not find a medical store everywhere. It is smart to carry all sorts of needed medicines with you beforehand.

6. Carry enough petrol or gasoline

If you are traveling by your own vehicle, particularly motorbikes, make sure you carry enough petrol for your bike. Do not expect petrol pumps all over the country, you cannot find any in the remote places.

7. Food and water safety

Do not eat at random places and do not drink unbottled water. Though some taps might be safe to use, asking for mineral water is the safest you can be. It is easier to fall sick when you’re traveling.

8. Pack for the varying weather

The variation in temperature is pretty high between the places in the country. Make sure to be updated about the temperature and pack accordingly.

9. Carry your money in cash

There is no way you’ll find ATMs or banks all around Nepal, you only find them in major places. Therefore, carry your money in cash and make sure you keep it safe.

10. Prepare for uncertainties

Strikes, delays, robs, jams, vehicles malfunction, these are way too common everywhere and aren’t that big of a deal if you’re prepared. Know that your schedule might not go as planned and hear from people who’ve traveled the place before. Bring emergency food and water with you, carry extra cash and other supplies as well. Having to sleep in the vehicle itself, spending the entire trip eating bad food are few of the worsts you can go through.

Happy traveling!