Nepal gets featured worldwide for travel in 2016

Nepal featured worldwide travel 2016

Nepal, the country of the high standing Himalayas, pristine hills and rivers entangling in the lap of nature, in no doubt, makes itself in the bucket-list of many people out there. Famous as a trekking destination into the Himalayas, its popularity suddenly marked a pause because of the recent earthquake that shattered the country as well the hope of people which was already limping through the political instability. Though the risks have already been reported as minimal, the country still strives to restore it back to normal.

The recent visit of Prince Harry has played a significant role in drawing the attention of people to Nepal and its tourism sector. His five-day visit was extended to a week more as he was more interested in exploring the earthquake affected region as well as the tourism places. The top media like BBC, CNN,, the guardian, telegraph, HuffingtonPost etc are already writing about the news.

The other travel news sites and forums are also featuring Nepal in their pages. The Rough Guides, a travel guidebook and reference publisher, places Nepal in a number one position as a people’s choice as well as its own recommendation for 2016. It states that Nepal is all set to normal after the devastating earthquake and only way to support this country is to visit it and promote tourism which is its main source of income. The world’s top travel reviewer Tripadvisor has listed Nepal in top 25 destinations in the world. Where it has mentioned Kathmandu as a city full of historic sites, shrines ancient temples. The fascinating factors as included are Durbar square monuments, Thamel, local cultures and the trekking into the Himalayas.

Another largest travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has placed Mt. Everest among the top destinations in Asia. It says Everest trek the most famous trek in the world.  It has described the whole itinerary and the adventures of the Mount Everest.

The CNN has recently published an article about Mustang including the different ways one can experience the Nepal’s former Himalayan Kingdom or the Forbidden Kingdom. Mustang, as it is secluded from the rest of the world is a perfect destination for trekking into the silent and wide mountains, gorges, unusual landscapes and ancient caves more than 1000 years old used by monks at that time to perform meditation. It is also a great experience for mountain biking, hiking, staying at local houses, taking part in the local Tibetan culture and experiencing the serenity of the monasteries.

There is travel story published in BBC, which states how the country has survived through the hardships of the earthquake and its strive to reincarnate into a strong nation. The national geographic also published an article with the title “Why now is the time to visit Nepal”, which includes a travel diary of the writer stating her experience in Nepal in different places like Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, Jomsom etc after the earthquake, where she saw empty areas which used to be full of tourists before the havoc. The American business magazine, Forbes has listed Nepal in the 14 coolest places to visit in 2016. It also features an article with the title “One Huge Reason Why Right Now Is The Time To Visit Nepal”. It states that for such country whose economy is fully dependent on tourism, remains helpless if people stopped to visit it.