Why traveling is important?

traveling happiness

“Travel as a source of Happiness”

The research conducted in psychology in order to find out what human happiness lies on concluded the main factors: Exercise, Sleep, Spending time with friends and family, going outside into nature and meditation. To sum up, activating our sense and body activities rather than our mind keeps us happy. People are more concerned with happiness as they say, that’s what they are living for.

The similar type of research was conducted among different people by the students of a university in the USA in order to reveal the benefits or importance of traveling. People were amazed to see the findings of both of the research as they somehow coincided each other.


The importance/benefits of traveling as revealed by the research comprises following points:

  • Cognitive & Physical Health

When people go for a trip, it activates their mental functioning which they use for understanding and interpreting particular place, object or people which help to increase their cognitive functioning of the brain. The data from the research showed that people over 65 who travel have less decline in cognitive functioning. The study conducted through 30 years showed that majority of individual who travel show less mental stress or the ability to cope with stresses and had fewer heart attacks with the lower risk associated with coronary heart disease. Traveling involves simple body activities like walking to adventure treks which helps one to maintain good shape and agility.

  • Relationships & Family Cohesion

Traveling in groups creates the chances of communication, interpersonal activities, coordination and the moments for helping each other. These can greatly influence people to connect with each other and strengthen good relationship. A number of studies have shown that family travel increased family bonding and improved family communication.

  • Lifelong learning

People are explorers by nature. They love to discover whether it be a physical thing or some abstract phenomena. Traveling creates some of the best discovering opportunities in life. The people, places, culture, lifestyle and geography can be directly experienced while traveling, whereas the internal realization, the sudden discovery of ideas, changing of perception etc. are indirectly experienced. These learnings are sudden but can last for a lifetime and these are the most valuable lessons to drive one in different situations of a life.

  • Back to nature: Mental calmness and focus

Researchers say that people have such an uncanny behavior that they become calm, happy and focused when they are in close connection with nature. This might hold the connection long before our civilization and its development that we are the children of this nature. Researchers stated that no one said they were annoyed by seeing a blue ocean, green forest, high standing mountains and cool air flowing at the terrain. Even scientists say that the colors of nature like green, blue etc are good for our brain too. The spiritual teachers say nature is the best place for meditation and yoga than a closed room.

In conclusion, what keeps the human being happy is somehow related to the benefits of traveling. So having a short trip alone or with family is good. Why not planning one right now? Or do you want to regret at the deathbed?