Why Us

Tailor Made Trip

This option is available for those who want to have their own trekking plan. Depending on the availability of time, cost and places of interests, this option helps to optimize trekking packages in a favorable way. In order to have this option, contact us with your available time and we will help you to have short, wonderful trek with almost all the excitements.

Local Experienced Guides

Trekking Guides at Drishya are mainly locals, raised in the lap of the Himalayas and experienced in terms of environment, adventures and difficulties in the trekking areas. They are primarily Sherpa and Mongolian descents whose main traits are strong physically, loyal and friendly in nature.

Private Group Option

Private group option is best when you want to have your own guides and porters which provide flexibility in time and cost you have. Generally, private group option costs less than the scheduled plan but might be difficult if stuck somewhere due to the lack of well-informed guides. Even this is not the problem as there are other scheduled groups on the way you can catch up with. The cost remains the same even if there is a large group of people with you as you will be planning all the cost and schedules.

Friendly Environment

The team of Drishya consists of a friendly management system, cheerful tour operators and helpful guides. Basically, guides are Sherpa and Mongolian descents who are always humble and loyal.

Affordable Cost

There are different trek packages with different costs which are not too high. What we believe is that we don’t want one time customers who then forget us the next time. We are mainly focused in the service and your satisfaction is our motto. We also have discount offers for packages depending upon the numbers of people as the increase in the number of people costs more or less the same for guides and tour operators.